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– Lin Yutang

Welcome To Dandeli Adventure Tours 

Dandeli Adventure tours in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka is the heavenly abode for nature lovers. The rich and abundant flora and fauna of Dandeli forest attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world .Dandeli jungle reminds us the paradise with its rare and exceptional reptiles, rich and abundant forest with its wild habitat and enticing birds.  The highest altitude point is Hegada Temba in this region.

Dandeli jungle is a heaven in Disguise to the lover of bird’s .Dandeli forest is evergreen, deciduous lust forest which mainly includes bamboo and teakwood .The Dandeli forest contains variety fruits trees, medicinal and healing plants and other useful and precious wood. The variety of fruits grown here are means of survival for nearly 196 species of birds in this area. Only to name a few birds, Hornbill of 4 species out of 9 found in the world. 


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Dandeli Adventure Tours -Visit and Live a Life of Adventure’s!

Dandeli is a paradise for all the nature lovers.  Some of the activities one can take part in Dandeli are.

Dandeli Jungle Safari

White Water Rafting Dandeli

Jungle Lodge & Resort

Panther Jungle Stay

Whistling woodzs Resort

White Water Resort

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Wild Wood Jungle Stay

Tourist Places to Visit around Dandeli

River Rafting in and near Dandeli

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Welcome to Dandeli Adventure Tour

Dandeli Adventure Tours not only enhances your happiness by sighting the flora and fauna but also the magnificent and gorgeous River kali, the visitors enjoy here the activities like White Water River Rafting ,a thrilling water sport liked by all ages groups.